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Entry #178

3 albums coming up

4/17/13 by SpaceWhale

I thought you'd wanna know that I have like 3 albums coming up in the future...

1. It Lives
- Lots of dark electronic music, like dubstep, trap, electro house, and shit like that. Releases on May 1st, 2013.

2. Lazy Sunday EP
- More of ambient, chill-out music, with an emphasis on making you want to go to sleep. Unknown release date as of right now.

3. Desync EP
- Chiptunes, chiptunes, chiptunes. Releases on April 28th, 2013, which is also my birthday.

3 albums coming up


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Hey dude, wanna re-add me on Skype so we can get down to business?



if i has monies i'll buy 'em
till then i'll stick to bookmarking the buy page and listen all day



But it sounds like SPAAAAAAAACE and with that I mean it sounds awesome ^^

Do your music sound like whale?

4/17/13 SpaceWhale responds:

Sure doesn't